My Best Friend

My Best Friend

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I dedicate this blog to my best friend, Irmolot. She is loyal, dependable and energetic. In case you haven’t ¬†figure it out yet, I not talking about a person, but my dog. She is a English Springer Spaniel. Her attributes is also why I love her so much. They are known for their obedience, agility, and intelligence. A lot of people love them because they are well mannered and are such great company.

Im not saying all of this because she is my dog but she is an outstanding breed. We have both built a fulfilling and long term relationship with each other. I really glad she is an outdoor dog thats versatile because I always take her camping, hiking, skijoring, hunting, tracking and pretty much anything there is to do outside, she will be more than likely to do it with a lot of enthusiasm.

Well enough talk about all this wonderful breed. I would suggest you do your own research, so that you can see it for yourself. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. If really thinking about owning a special breed like a Springer Spaniel but just don’t have time to do all the research. I will be posting some resources in later to come posts. You can also contact me here as well. In the meantime, there a video below showing you the versatility of a Springer Spaniel.

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