It Was A Close One

It Was A Close One

fire damage supriseI am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to write this blog post. More importantly, to be able to wake up this morning because I literally could of lost my own life recently. Every time I think about it, I can vividly replay back in my head like if I was reliving the event or specific moment in time. I don’t know if anyone has experience this before but the human imagination is such a powerful and complex machine. Sometimes I feel like I can travel back in time just by thinking of a past memory, especially if that memory happens to intense or traumatic.


One the weekends, I usually sleep in for an extra one to two hours. During the workweek I usually get about six hours, so I try to use the weekend to really rejuvenate my body and mind. It was a Saturday morning and in the back of my mind I can hear Irmolot, whining and being too active way too early in the day. My initial thought was maybe she trying to tell me that she has to go urinate, but I just ignored it because her bathroom times are not until 10am and then again in the evening. I don’t know how many times I rolled over but Irmolot just kept making noises and that is when I realized there must be something else that is going here that I am not aware about.


I went outside my apartment and that’s when I notice smoke coming out of one of my neighbors apartment. It look like there was a fire inside and I was wondering why I don’t hear any sirens of a firetruck. So I immediately called the firefighter department as I was banging on the neighbors door. After banging on their door like a swat team, there was no answer. So I started notifying all the neighbors in my apartment complex and within 15minutes, I could hear the sirens echoing down the streets. That was when I started to feel some relief because I would really hate it if I had to move somewhere else. I found a really good spot near my job and it offers one of the best rates in town.


A day after the fire was put out the local fire fighters, I found out that the reason for the fire was because the person living there left their iron on. I just couldn’t believe something so little could do so much damage but I guess that’s the power of fire. I could remember seeing the company truck of a fire damage restoration service posting out in the front. I could swear that bright red truck was out there for at least a month. I thought the damage was minor but it seem like they had a full load on their hands. There were there so often that I ended up befriended one of the fire damage restoration workers. I ended up asking him if they were hiring because the pay and benefit listed on their website seems quite attractive at the time. He just told me to apply and make sure I talk to so and so.


Anyways if it wasn’t for Irmolot for trying to wake me up that Saturday morning, I probably would not even be here today. That is why I am forever grateful for life and my Irmolot as she is the one and only.

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